TUESDAY 06.09.2009

LOS ANGELES – based BevMarketing Group announced today the planned launch of Vertuze Sparkling wine in the United States, just in time for this country to ring in the winter holidays and 2010.
TUESDAY 08.21.2012

BevMarketing developed new Bamboo-shaped beverage bottle.
New stock 16.8-oz PET bottle in the shape of a bamboo stalk helps beverage manufacturers differentiate their premium products-such as waters, teas and juices-on shelves. The clear, shatter resistant Bamboo bottle features a wide base for filling line stability. The sleek container offers excellent feeling and pouring ease with an attractive screw cap to compliment the packaging. Company branding is easily applied to the surface of the bottle and cap. Suitable for ambient or cold-filled drinks, the Bamboo bottle is available in a 28mm PCO (plastic closure only) finish.

MONDAY 09.17.2012

MINTA® a new “magically refreshing™” mint-flavored soda, will soon be available to consumers this fall. The 100 percent naturally sweetened and flavored beverage provides consumers with a crisp, bubbly taste that highlights its unique mint flavor. MINTA will be sold in convenience and grocery stores across the United States, beginning in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Miami.